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!! DogFish Blog - 2010 Archive!!

This is an archive of the progress of our 2010 build of the DogFish, we hope you enjoyed watching everything come together, as it was as much fun as it was challenging!

Click on any of the below images to view a larger picture

*Update 8/21/2010* 4 more days till we hit the playa!!! Just putting the final touches on!

*Update 8/18/2010* More new pics!! Little fishies along the front!

*Update 8/12/2010* We finally got the top section finished, starting on lighting, and the rest of it!!!

*Update 8/02/2010* We are getting very close here!! It looks amazing so far!!!

*Update 7/25/2010* Here are some pics of the new paint scheme!! Looking great!!! It is almost done!!!

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