“The Dogfish has been roaming the dusty playa for many years and this year’s theme is the perfect time for it to undergo it’s own mini-metamorphosis! Included are renderings to help visualize our intended upgrades. First we will start with an entire new front nose piece which will move the bikes to the back and hang them off a newly created bench seat.Allowing us to carry more bike passengers. This back bench will also drastically cut down on our need to worry about people jumping on or off when underway. We will complete the front end look with the top of the Dogfish’s mouth hanging over the windshield, and carrying the “body” through across the top and ending with a small tail overhead. This upper piece will be lit with led lights to create a nice profile as it navigates the playa at night, adding to our iconic 2 flag feature, which we have been told my many a burner, they can see from across the playa! New led lights will be placed all over, from top to bottom and side to side. We are also replacing the side chairs, new fabric on the side and shade canopy’s and new fabric along the bottom and all around the car. Please keep in mind this rendering was created in a 3d modeling program making it appear very smooth, but will be actually be created using much harder surfaces like poles with fabric stretched over, foam board carved and painted, the new pieces painted to match the existing color pallet, metal connection points for the fabric skirting so it can move and flow in the breezes.”  – XOXO Cheeky

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